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Molecatcher using traditional and humane methods of mole control in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire

Within an 8 mile radius of Hindhead
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My guarantee - You pay only if I catch a mole.
My fee is chargeable on verifiable results.

Fully insured

Mole catching in:-

  • Private Gardens and Grounds
  • Paddocks

With a background in high quality landscaping, I specialise in the above but occasionally work in:

  • Amenity areas
  • Sports fields
  • Golf Courses
  • Churchyards
  • Garden centres
  • Equitation Establishments

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A few recent examples illustrating why you might wish to call in a traditional molecatcher sooner rather than later.

A mole devastating a seedling bed in a formal vegetable garden near Farnham, Surrey.

The gardener, a time-served ex-agricultural worker, and a friend of his had both tried over a couple of weeks, unsuccessfully, to trap this mole. I happened to visit on other business and was asked to have a go. One trap set - one mole caught overnight.

Mole damage to a newly built and seeded earth bank near Haslemere, Surrey.

The gardener had spent about three weeks trying to catch this mole. When I arrived there were 6 of his traps in the ground - I left them in situ and within 24 hours had caught the mole in one of the three traps I had set.

Mole creating havoc on a riverside lawn between Guildford and Godalming in Surrey:

The gardener at this property had been given instructions to tread heavily all over the lawn to discourage the mole. Eventually, as the "treading in" strategy proved a failure, I was called in and caught the mole with the traps I set on my first visit.

Be kind to gardeners -
Call in a professional molecatcher!

And lastly,  here's one for those who are considering a DIY approach to catching that "pesky" mole.

A client near Petersfield in Hampshire confessed to having bought and set some half-barrel traps to try to catch a mole. He failed. I wonder if it could have been, in part, because he had been setting the traps upside-down!

Looking for a professional molecatcher in another part of the country?

Visit the Guild of British Molecatchers' "Help - I have a mole" pages where there is a complete list of professional members (and their accreditation level) by area.

The Guild of British Molecatchers

           Level 3 (Advanced)
Accreditation is endorsed by The National Pest Technicians Association.

The Garden Mole
Mole control

         My working methods

20 facts about the European Mole

         An intriguing animal.

Molecatchers - A Brief History

Fascinating stuff. Compiled by N. Jewell MA.

For further reading I recommend Molecatching - A Practical Guide by Jeff Nicholls (Molecatcher "sans pareil").

ISBN 978 1 84797 058 9

Of course, reading the book is only half the battle!

The weather - it has an effect on mole activity

Worms, the primary food source for the mole, move through different layers in the soil and occupy different areas as the weather changes from day to day. Naturally, in his quest for food, the mole follows.

Code of Practice

In all my dealings with the mole and my clients, I endorse and abide by the code of practice of
The Guild of British Molecatchers In particular, I inspect set traps on a daily basis for obvious animal welfare and risk reduction reasons.