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The Garden Mole (and its control)

Mole control is part skill, part practice, part science - wholly what professional molecatchers do. If you have a mole control problem that you want addressed, please contact me.

My working methods

Three out of four calls that I receive are from distraught landowners whose gardens are being systematically littered by molehills. Molehills in the lawn, flower bed, vegetable patch, drive, orchard or paddock.

It is rare that the caller has not debated long and hard about calling in a mole catcher and often they have tried many interesting and sometimes novel ways to deter the mole from further activity. Understandably, they see the mole catcher as the last port of call only to be contacted when all else has failed - as it almost inevitably will.

On my first visit to a garden where mole control is required, I assess the extent of the problem by looking at the visible evidence and asking a few pertinent questions of the landowner about any methods that they may have tried in the preceding weeks. I make an educated estimate of the number of moles present (often it is only one), the number of visits I might need to make to catch all the moles working the property and the number and type of traps that I shall set.

I set the requisite number of traps after agreeing a per mole fee on a reducing sliding scale that remains active for the initial clearance and a period thereafter to cover the eventuality of a new mole moving into the vacated territory.

Having set the traps, I revisit to inspect them on a daily basis. Any caught moles are presented as evidence of capture (unless I am asked to bag them and bin them - not everybody wants to see the evidence).

The landowner pays me only on verifiable results - if I fail to catch, no fee is payable.

The Guild of British Molecatchers

           Level 3 (Advanced)
Accreditation is endorsed by The National Pest Technicians Association.

Mole control in:-

With a background in high quality landscaping, I specialise in:

  • Private Gardens and Grounds
  • Paddocks

And occasionally work in:

  • Amenity areas
  • Sports fields
  • Golf Courses
  • Churchyards
  • Garden centres
  • Equitation Establishments