Mole catcher - humane mole control in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. Pest control - moles telephone 01428 609456

Pest control - moles

Pest control of moles in:-

  • Private Gardens and Grounds
  • Paddocks

With a background in high quality landscaping, I specialise in the above but occasionally work in:

  • Amenity areas
  • Sports fields
  • Golf Courses
  • Churchyards
  • Garden centres
  • Equitation Establishments

I am a mole catcher using humane and traditional methods of pest control of moles in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. I use no poisons or gas.

The mole catcher used to be a common sight in the byways and villages of the English countryside as he plied his trade from garden to garden, farm to farm and parish to parish.

I undertake pest control of moles within an
8 mile radius of Hindhead
(more on the area I cover for mole control)

My guarantee - You pay only if I catch a mole.
My fee is chargeable on verifiable results.

This is exactly how the traditional country mole catcher worked - fair to all concerned.

In the densely populated area of the country around Hindhead in which this mole catcher works, it is usually householders with gardens, grounds and often paddocks that require my services to rid them of the mole. Burgeoning eruptions of molehills in equestrian establishments, sports clubs and land owned by public bodies also trigger a call for mole pest control. (See a summary of my working methods.)

If you are a landowner with a continuing requirement for mole control please contact me to discuss setting up an annual contract.

The mole catcher used also to agree fixed price contracts with parishes and larger estates on an annual basis.

Professional pest control of moles - it's simply easier to use a traditional specialist mole catcher!

Fully insured

To deal with your mole problems, contact me

If you have any queries please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or email me

Looking for a professional mole catcher in another part of the country?

Visit the Guild of British Molecatchers' "Help - I have a mole" pages where there is a complete list of professional members (and their accreditation level) by area.

The Guild of British Molecatchers

           Level 3 (Advanced)
Accreditation is endorsed by The National Pest Technicians Association.

The Garden Mole
Pest control - Moles

         My working methods

20 facts about the European Mole

         An intriguing animal.

Molecatchers - A Brief History

Fascinating stuff. Compiled by N. Jewell MA.

For further reading I recommend Molecatching - A Practical Guide by Jeff Nicholls (Molecatcher "sans pareil").

ISBN 978 1 84797 058 9

Of course, reading the book is only half the battle!

Code of Practice

In all my dealings with the mole and my clients, I endorse and abide by the code of practice of
The Guild of British Molecatchers In particular, I inspect set traps on a daily basis for obvious animal welfare and risk reduction reasons.